Kirsty Peckham - Heart Led Intuitive Coach

Heart Led Intuitive Coach

Kirsty Peckham

I will help you to change your life by helping you access your intuition.


I will help you release the blockages/overcome all obstacles and encourage you to face your fears that are keeping you from moving forward.


I will help you to stop looking at the lives of others and go inward, to strive for clarity and look at what motivates your feelings.

The only thing keeping you stuck is your frame of mind and I will show you the thoughts and emotions doing that.


I will stand by you, guide you and empower you through the process to introduce new tools to support your transformation to the life you are meant to be living.

Is your enthusiasm for life, or any part of your life feeling depleted?


Do you feel at times like you are going up stream against the current?


Working with me will bring meaning, fulfilment and excitement back into your life and help you get into the flow of who you are.

Are you ready to heal old wounds, let go of old habits, and learn how to use your personal power to blaze your own trail?


Think about some of the things you cherish the most and some of the things you would like to change.

Contact me if it feels right and also if you have lots of resistance!

By facing and stepping through my own inner darkness to support myself I discovered the passion to support others who are ready to move through the crippling, inner turmoil, and step into their greatness.

I show my clients how to tune in and trust their own intuition. I have a natural ability to create a sacred space where they feel safe and heard. I use my intuition to guide them through the blocks they are not seeing.

I teach others how to be captivated by true Love so that their heart flutters and they feel alive inside.


I am straight talking and work with people who are ready to release the stuff that is no longer serving them and who are ready to experience the inner peace that is our birthright.


I create a genuinely collaborative relationship with my clients as I know all the answers are inside them; they just need the safe space and neutrality to locate and connect to their personal power.

Kirsty Peckham - Heart Led Intuitive Coach