Pilates Classes and 1-2-1 Sessions

Created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on the whole body to improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility and posture.

Pilates concentrates on awareness of the spine, regulated breathing, core strength and flexibility, leading to a flatter stomach and abdominals and a stronger back.

In life we often have a tendency to ‘rush’ things to reach the finish. We are busy, we want to get things done and move on to the next thing on our list. When it comes to your body, your health and wellness, it is vital to take a step back from the ‘instant gratification’ approach and take things one step at a time to build solid foundations that will serve you for the rest of your life.


Picture this…Have you ever watched a child build a tower out of blocks? When they begin, they go straight up, just as high as they can. Naturally, they don’t get very far before their tower starts to lean or fall over. However, over time and with many attempts, they learn to build a wider, more stable base…a foundation. The stronger and more stable the foundation, the better chance the tower has of staying straight and upright. 


Understanding that foundations are vital, at the Natural Fitness and Therapy Centre we apply the same principle in our Pilates Courses. By starting at the beginning and mastering basic moves (called fundamentals), you will build your strong foundation (powerhouse), so that as you progress, your powerhouse supports you though advanced moves. Without these foundations  your movements can be inefficient and therefore not produce the desired results and result in bad habits and patterns. 

When you take the time to learn the basics of movement in Pilates from the beginning; Engaging your deep stabilising muscles, moving with precision, breathing, centering, concentration, relaxation, precision, flow, and stamina, you will build that strong foundation.

Whereas elsewhere in a mixed level class you may be thrown in the deep end in class alongside those who have been practising Pilates for months or even years, at the Natural Fitness and Therapy Centre we believe a Beginners Pilates class should be a Beginners class where everyone starts at the same level progresses together. 


Our Beginners classes give you a week by week progression through the fundamentals of Pilates to build that essential strong foundation. When you and your teacher are comfortable that you are ready, you can choose to progress to one of our more challenging class levels if you wish.

It is important to choose the right class for your experience, rather than just choosing a class time on the timetable.

We encourage you to book a 1-2-1 session or book onto one of our free assessment classes to ensure we find the right 'match' for you.

See our timetable for class details.


For beginners or those

returning to Pilates after injury

or a break


For those who have been doing Pilates for some time and would like to take it up a notch for a challenge


Push your muscles a little bit beyond their comfort zone to encourage change and growth over time

Beginners Pilates Offer
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