Discover Your True Colours

Discover Your True Colours 
Colour Workshop with Anneliese Devere

12th May 2018 10am - 12pm
Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre


What does it mean when someone tells you they have had their colours done and they are either a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? Do you know what the differences between these colour groups are and what they express about you and your personality?


Seasonal colour therapy is not a new concept but has developed over time to give us an understanding of how powerful colour is in our lives.


Understanding our unique colour patterns and how they harmonise with our physical characteristics, guides us to the essential nature of a person.


Knowing the effects of individual colours can tell us a persons mental and emotional state at any given moment just by the clothes they have chosen to wear.


As a Lifestyle colour consultant, I love to use colour to observe the effects it has on a person. This enables me to really connect to their personality on a deep level and to discover where they are emotionally at that particular time in their lives.


The key to the system I trained in is by creating ‘harmony’ with the colours you choose to wear. Once you know your true colours, putting them together and bringing harmony to the whole look creates powerful effects that will be seen and felt.


When you have grasped this concept and how it works, you will get a huge buzz out of creating a new wardrobe with colours that will empower you, project a positive impact and make you look and feel amazing.



Once you know your colour group, you will benefit from more access to a vast range of beautiful colours to choose from. Clothes shopping will be easier and exciting because you will feel more confident in stretching yourself to try new colours. Your home environments can be enhanced to create a particular atmosphere or mood for each room. Even in the workplace, colour can change how you feel, whether you want to be more energised or relaxed, focused or creative. Business Logos and marketing material can be more productive if presented in colours that reflect their true ethos. There are endless possibilities to how you can use and experience colour in all areas of your life.


I will be presenting an introductory workshop on the ‘Colour affects’ system at the Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre. I will be covering the basic principles of Seasonal colour therapy, the differences between the four colour personality groups and the positive effects of up to 12 colours (handouts will be provided)


Workshop date: 12th May 2018 10:00am - 12-00pm

Cost: £25:00


To Book:
Contact Anneliese at In Colour
07795 968085
01323 370791




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