June is National Foot Care Month

June 27, 2018


As June is National Foot Health Month, we would love to tell you about how Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre can help you keep your feet, and indeed your whole body, in better health.



Many people have been surprised to learn just how much Pilates can help with feet issues. Foot pain and foot health problems are something that many of us experience, with studies estimating that 75% of us will have foot problems of varying degrees at one time or another in our lives. Our feet mirror our general health and foot ailments are often our first sign of other more serious medical problems.


There are specific Pilates exercises that can help feet stay flexible while adding strength at the same time, such as Heel Lifts, which are a great exercise to strengthen the feet, ankles and calves in the lower leg while improving flexibility at the same time and Toe Lifts, which are one of the most important exercises we can do to improve balance. These are just a couple of examples of Pilates exercises that can help strengthen the muscles in your feet. There are many other exercises for those who suffer from more serious feet issues such as bunions or plantar fasciitis.


If you haven’t already tried Pilates at the Centre, we invite you to come & try a FREE Pilates class so that we can show you how Pilates can help you maintain good foot health. Just call the Centre on 01323 732024 and quote ‘June Feet’ to claim your free class.


Foot problems can also be helped by complementary and alternative therapies such as Chiropody, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy & Yoga, which are all available at the Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre.

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