Good Habits Start Young

July 24, 2018

If you didn’t already know, at Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre we are passionate about Pilates!


Whatever your age, shapes, size or fitness level, Pilates is a fantastic full body workout.


Over the past few years we have found that we are getting more and more younger members in our Pilates classes, as Eastbourne attracts younger couples and families. With a younger generation we are finding that issues such as ‘tech neck’, caused from overuse of electronic devices such as smart phones, iPads and laptops, are becoming more common. The stretching and lengthening exercises of Pilates can help alleviate the discomfort associated with these modern conditions.


Isn’t Pilates just for older people? 


Not at all! Pilates is a functional movement form which encompasses 6 essential principals: breathing, control, centring, concentration, precision and flow.


A powerful and dynamic workout, it builds strength and stamina which can be carried through into everyday life and daily movement patterns, helping you retain (or regain) good posture and balance.


Pilates can help prevent problems in the future as much as it helps remedy them now.


In Pilates classes you use your own body weight as well as equipment such as balls, rings (magic circles) and rollers that can help to add intensity as you progress.




Is Pilates good for Teenagers?


I think I speak for the masses here, but a teen's life is not an easy one. Cue hormones, school stresses, life lessons, peer pressure, body and self confidence issues to name but a few. 


Add that to sitting for most of a day, either at school or at home doing homework, watching TV, texting, etc. While teens may be active via school sports, these sports are usually one dimensional, meaning repetitive movements resulting in an imbalance in musculature. 


Also, if your teen is a busy teen, where do they find the time to find themselves? To find that quiet place within their minds and bodies where they can just be themselves without having to BE anyone? Where they can connect with their essential self?


Yes, you guessed it, a Pilates class!


Pilates offers an hour away from 'the real world’, to move, feel great, get stronger, fitter, more mobile, find balance and move in all planes of direction. Pilates inspires body confidence THE HEALTHY WAY, providing a safe space to explore without judgement! 


Here at Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre we have a range of Pilates classes, at a different levels and with a selection of teachers. This means you can find a class that is the right ‘fit’.


When you find the right teacher, a healthy bond is formed between the teacher and student, inspiring confidence and trust.



I recently spoke to one of our younger students, who told me:


“For me, Pilates isn't just a series of exercises, it has become a time that I spend moaning, groaning and laughing with my friends and instructor. More importantly it has become an allocated time slot purely dedicated to myself and my body. I am an extrovert and well, a teenager so I'm constantly surrounded with people, which I love, but having one hour per week to breathe and melt into my thoughts, creates a break from that intensity, a break that I never realised I needed until I started Pilates.” 


How awesome to think that Pilates can provide all that in one hour a week!



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