NEW Beginners Pilates Class with Tracy Fuller

January 9, 2019

NEW Beginners Pilates Class in Eastbourne at Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre - Eastbourne.


Mondays 8.30am - 9.30am with Tracy Fuller





Join me for this new Beginners Pilates class on Mondays and start your week as you mean to go on - long & strong!


Understanding that foundations are vital, at the Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre - Eastbourne we apply the same principle in our Pilates Classes. By starting at the beginning and mastering basic moves (called fundamentals), you will build your strong foundation (powerhouse), so that as you progress, your powerhouse supports you though advanced moves. Without these foundations your movements can be inefficient and therefore not produce the desired results and result in bad habits and patterns.


When you take the time to learn the basics of movement in Pilates from the beginning; Engaging your deep stabilising muscles, moving with precision, breathing, centring, concentration, relaxation, precision, flow, and stamina, you will build that strong foundation.


Natural Fitness & Therapy Centre - Eastbourne are committed to making Pilates affordable for everyone, so this will be a donation based class. Pay what you can afford & know that you are supporting a local charity, whilst you practice Pilates 😊


Why not pop in & see us, send us a message, or call 01323 732024 for more information or to book your place now.




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