Holly Willoughby weight loss: Dancing on Ice host’s top fitness technique to tone up

March 13, 2019

HOLLY WILLOUGHBY, the stunning mum of three keeps her private life relatively quiet, but a top technique she has used to tone her body has been revealed.


Holly Willoughby is known for her immaculate style and bubbly personality. Yet with her daily fashion updates on her Instagram page, attention has been drawn to her figure.


Holly, 37, pictured above, has taken one to one pilates sessions in London.  The exercises, founded by Joseph Pilates, work on alignment, breathing and core strength and connect the mind to the body.  They can be done in studios, gymnasiums and at home, with the help of a qualified teacher.  While pilates may not directly spark weight loss, it’s focus on alignment and correct spinal posture will give the Core exercises in the pilates method, such as the Hundreds, will also boost abdominal strength and tone, giving a leaner, healthy look.



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