Purnima Ballee - Regression Therapist


Tory Macdonald

Person-centred Counsellor with over ten years of experience working with Adults and Teenagers (I have been a Counsellor at Willingdon Community School since 2013). I also offer Coaching and Business Mentoring.

One of the hardest things for us to do is to ask for help. We often avoid admitting that we have lost our way, or that we feel out of control of our lives.

If we are suffering physically, from illness or injury, we don’t hesitate to seek support from a Doctor. 

When we are in emotional pain, it is equally important for us to seek support. 

Being actively listened to, and understood, helps us to feel supported and encourages us to address the issues we are struggling with.

Any subject can be addressed. This is not a definitive list, but is intended as a guideline to some of the areas that can be explored with counselling:

- Depression
- Marriage Guidance & Relationship issues
- Bereavement
- Teenage issues (bullying, self-harming, exam stress)
- Work related problems (bullying, low self-esteem, being undermined)
- Health issues (eating disorders, long-term illness, addiction)
- Family problems
- Sexuality – LGBT related issues
- Personal Development

All consultations are one hour in length (Face to Face; Skype; Telephone)

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